About the Program

What do you prefer more – work from home, work from office, or a hybrid mode? At our company, team members are free to choose what works best for them. Nevertheless, the topic of work from other countries where Klika Tech is not represented has become a vital topic in our conversations. 

To provide our employees with even more flexibility, we introduced a pilot program we call “Workation”. Throughout the remainder of 2023, our colleagues can work from a location of their choice for up to a month, balancing work responsibilities with the opportunity to explore new places. Imagine contributing to your projects while gazing at a beach sunrise, a mountain view, or the heart of a bustling city you’ve always wanted to visit. 

Need to Know

As thrilling as this sounds, we must however be conscious of potential risks and set ground rules to ensure smooth operations and uphold the integrity of our work. That is why at the end of 2023, we will gather the feedback, observe the results of the pilot, and make a decision on continuation of the program and potential to increase the allowed duration of stay in other countries. 

Of course, not everyone will be able to take advantage of the program. It’s only for those whose work does not require regular appearances at the company or client’s office. Some roles require the use of specialized equipment, which is found in offices or responding to emergency situations – and therefore, in such cases, long-term work in another location is not feasible.

We hope for the success of this exciting program and a rapid implementation in its final form. May we all work comfortably!